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Our customers’ success is our primary focus


Behind every horse is an owner with dreams and aspirations. Our goal is to get top dollar for every horse we consign while maximizing their potential on the racetrack. Our team approach to sales and marketing pulls all of our global resources together in one concerted effort. SELL


Small details like a beautifully pulled mane or the perfect final set of shoes can make a difference that yields a higher sales price. DETAILS


Grooming is an important building block towards a perfectly prepared sales horse. Our team of experts groom each horse with great attention to detail. GROOMING


Buyers want to see a well raised horse from head to toe. They also want to see a manageable horse that can showcase their athleticism. With decades of experience and success of bringing yearlings to auction, Taylor Made utilizes hand walking, covered round pens, euro-style free walkers, swimming, and other modalities depending on the individual horses needs. HAND WALKING


Buyers look for horses with "big, athletic walks". Our team works with each horse, training them to present themselves professionally at the sales. TRAINING TO WALK


One of the most critical elements in raising horses is proper hoofcare. Our expert farriers play a crucial role in shaping the success of our horses from the ground up. As they say, "No hoof, no horse." HOOF CARE


Taylor Made uses renowned equine nutritionist Dr. Steve Jackson to advise us on the best nutrition for our horses. We have a specially formulated feed for foals, mares and yearlings. We credit our nutrition program as being a key component of our success in raising over 50 G1 winners. NUTRITION

Taylor Made’s sale preparation
to achieve peak performance.

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