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April 1, 2023

Spotlight on Nicholasville: Taylor Made Farm

Excerpt taken from Lex 18 News.

Taylor Made Farm, along Route 169 in Jessamine County is perhaps most famous for raising one of the greatest racehorses of all time – American Pharoah. The president and CEO of the farm said it grew from humble beginnings, but has become a major player in the industry.

“The horse business is part of the fabric of Kentucky,” said Mark Taylor, the president and CEO of Taylor Made Farm.

That business requires a lot of passion and a bit of vision.

“If you look at what makes Taylor Made unique, it’s, I think, where we came from,” he said.

Taylor’s family had both. His father, Joe Taylor, worked at Gainesway Farm north of Lexington for decades. Joe Taylor had always been around horses.

Over the years, Taylor said they’ve either raised or sold 130 Grade 1 winners. One of their stallions, Knicks Go, won the Eclipse Horse of the Year award in 2021. Taylor said the farm also wants to help evolve the industry by creating opportunities for everyday people to jump into the world of racing.

“We want to open our farm to bring in new people at lower price points that can invest in our partnerships. It’s a way to have exposure to animals, exposure to the beauty of raising, selling, and racing racehorses for people who can do it at a lower price point because most people can’t afford to just go plunk down $1 million and get into the horse business,” Taylor said.

They hope it will be another way to envision the future, just like the family did all those years ago when they raised their first horses against the odds in these Jessamine County fields.

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