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April 14, 2023

The Taylor Made School of Horsemanship Aids in Recovery

Excerpt taken from Horse Illustrated

Family owned and operated since 1976, Taylor Made has grown from a small boarding farm to a powerhouse in the Thoroughbred industry, selling more Thoroughbreds at public auction than any other sales agency in the world.

Overseen by brothers Duncan, Ben, Mark and Frank Taylor, the 1,100-acre farm is home to more than 500 horses and encompasses a breeding facility, a boarding facility for mares, and a nursery for foals. As the farm has grown, so has its need for additional workers. In the past, the farm has had no problem attracting staff who were eager to work in the horse world. However, their search, like many other farms in these challenging times, often comes up short.

An additional concern, though seemingly unrelated at the time, was the meteoric rise in addiction—the exact opposite of the trajectory of available farm workers. In 2021, it was estimated that approximately 20 million individuals in the United Stated had a substance use disorder; nearly one in 10 people have battled some form of addiction, reports the Recovery Research Institute. People in recovery fight many battles, a major one being that many have served jail time, which is an additional strike against them when they apply for jobs or even places to live.

With a family member battling addiction, Frank Taylor was thrown headfirst into the world of recovery. Aware of the skyrocketing addiction problem, he became acquainted with the Shepherd’s House in Lexington, Ky., a unique, long-term residential recovery program that focuses heavily on full-time employment and a structured environment to assist recovering males in their quest to regain control over their lives. The Shepherd’s House promotes personal responsibility, accountability, and fellowship, teaching residents life skills that will allow them to commit to a sober life.

The Shepherd’s House’s mission resonated deeply with Frank, whose dedication to work and to his family and friends shapes everything he—and Taylor Made—does. The more involved with the Shepherd’s House he became, the more resolute he became in his conviction that Taylor Made could help people in recovery at the same time they were helping themselves. The seed for the Taylor Made School of Horsemanship was planted.

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